New Blood 011 Artists

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Nuage (Russia) Joining the dots between lo fi, IDM, dubstep and electronica, Nuage (a.k.a Dmitry Kuzmin) “tries to make experimental breakbeat accessible” and captures the imagination with his incredible productions.

Anile (UK) He’s only been producing music for 3 years, but Anile has already released on Inneractive, Cylon, Renegade Hardware and now makes his debut on Med School, reaffirming his extreme versatility on the operating table.

Spherique (Russia) Fresh young blood Spherique activates his haemoglobin for the first time with his debut release. Influenced from Burial, Radiohead, Khonnor and others he creates ambient soundscapes with deep underwater moods.

Lung (UK) 20 year old Music Tech student by day, D&B/dubstep producer by night, James Ellaway, was spotted by Mary Anne Hobbs and Kokeshi, remixed by Kryptic Minds and is back with more potent musical medicine for “New Blood 011″. Full artist page here.

Eleven8 (UK) Otherwise known as Edd Legg, Eleven8 is a multi-talented member of the blood group, specialising in everything from deep, rolling D&B to syncopated downtempo material and spacious dubstep.

Bulb featuring Tiiu (Russia) Influenced by Instra:mental, Flying Lotus and ASC, 21 year old Bulb (also known as Fill or his real name Daniil Vavilov) brings in a twist of the surreal from his homeland in Vladimir with his debut on Med School. Ably assisted by Tiiu and her Emika-esque vocals.

Flame (Russia) Bringing in a sound which veers between the neurofunk and techno influences of his past and the deep and minimal sounds of his present, Flame has been bubbling away from the depths of Saint Petersburg for just over a decade now.

Furi Anga (Finland) The 29 year old father of four describes himself as a “deep soul explorer from Scandinavia…inspired by ascetic Finnish nature”. Listening to his music one gets transported into a melancholic fairy world – sometimes true and beautiful, sometimes dark and grotesque.

Luca (New Zealand) Resident Kiwi Luca takes inspiration from Moby, Photek, Bonobo, and Thom Yorke and creates melodic and soulful drum and bass which eases the mind and soothes the soul and is ready to embark on a new project producing music at a variety of tempos.

Rawtekk (Germany) Hamburg based Head of Sound Design and lecturer in Experimental Music, Rawtekk came recommended by Phace, has released on Citrus, Subtitles and more, and is renowned for his tough yet understated productions.

Sato (UK) A self-prescribed “guy with crazy hair who makes weird noises”, Sato grew up listening to everything from reggae to 80s classics to folk music, and now makes dancefloor driven music inspired by the likes of Break, Dillinja and Hospital stalwart Logistics.

Subreachers (Belgium) A Belgian duo formed in 2008 who experiment with Autonomic style D&B and dubstep tempos and continue to explore new avenues and push boundaries with their avant-garde approach.

Clarity (UK) Cornwall-based 16 year old wunderkind Clarity embodies the ethos of ‘New Blood'; with influences drawn from Rockwell, Enei, Alix Perez, Icicle and Spectrasoul, his sound is melodic, blissful and incredibly fresh.

Krone + Malsum featuring Strago (Spain) Old amigos, frequent collaborators and Spanish posse Krone, Malsum and Strago come together, bringing dark and dynamic sounds to the operating table along with rolling, spaced out anaesthesia.

Melo (USA) Hailing from the wild reaches of Ohio, new talent and staunch LTJ Bukem fan, Melo only started producing a year ago; his early blood tests have come back positive and here he makes his debut.

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