Bop “Punk’s Not Dead” – Out Now!!!

July 28th, 2014

ORDER NOW >>> iTunes / Hospital Shop

Release date: 28th July

Med School are proud to present the brand new album “Punk’s Not Dead” by our longest established artist, Bop.

Since signing to the label in 2008, Bop has released two albums that have received wide acclaim from across the electronic music community. In this, his third album, which features collaborations with the likes of Synkro, Diagram and Elsa Esmeralda, Bop progresses his sound even further with a consummate collection of tracks which brings new influences to the ‘Microfunk’ genre for 2014 and beyond.

You can now order your copy via the Hospital shop and iTunes.

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Bop’s Quest: Video Game

July 25th, 2014

To celebrate the release of “Punk’s Not Dead” by Bop……we created our very own video game! Follow the link to and head-bang your way to a high score with our very own 8bit Bop!!!

Grab a copy of the album via the Hospital Shop or iTunes.

Thanks to the Game Creators – Jack Hoefnagel: | Samuel Vonäsch

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 14.59.03

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Etherwood live @ Maida Vale – Spotify exclusive

July 23rd, 2014

Etherwood Maida Vale

STREAM THE AUDIO >>> Spotify exclusive

In case you somehow missed it, Etherwood and his bandmates were invited down to the legendary Maida Vale studios in London on 30th May 2014 to perform and record three tracks!

Now you can listen back to the live versions of “Begin By Letting Go”, “The Time Is Here At Last” and “Spoken” exclusively via Spotify.

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Bop “Lucid Dreaming” feat. Elsa Esmeralda

July 18th, 2014

Stunning. The brand new video for “Lucid Dreaming” taken from Bop’s forthcoming album, “Punk’s Not Dead”, featuring the incredible vocals of Elsa Esmeralda.

Video directed & edited by Kenny Frankaland.

Release date: 28th July
Vinyl, CD & Digital pre order available now!

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Keeno ‘Life Cycle’ – OUT NOW!!!

June 9th, 2014


BUY NOW >>> iTunes / Hospital Shop

MEDIC40: Keeno ‘Life Cycle’
Release date: June 30th

Med School are proud to present the brand new, debut album ‘Life Cycle’ by Keeno.

At only 20 years old, classically trained and multi instrumentalist, Will Keen aka Keeno, has developed his sound since first releasing on Med School back in April 2013. Following the release of his Nocturne EP in December of last year, Keeno has worked tirelessly to further his songwriting and production skills, and the result is a truly stunning body of music. This 14 track album, featuring collaborations with the likes of Pat Fulgoni, Louisa Bass, Whiney, Zoe Klinck and AZEDIA, demonstrates the raw talent of Keeno as he blends beautiful, orchestral and cinematic textures with crisp beats and warm basslines.

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Anile signs exclusively to Med School!

May 12th, 2014


MORE INFO >>>> Anile artist page

Following a handful of releases on our New Blood compilations, as well as releases on a number of iconic labels such as Hospital, Renegade Hardware and Commercial Suicide, we are extremely pleased to announce that Anile has signed exclusively to Med School!

You can catch Anile at our upcoming show at The Colombian (Corsica Studios) in London on the 23rd of May. Also, make sure you check out this back-to-back mix featuring all the artists on the line-up…

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Q&A with Keeno

May 1st, 2014

Since signing to Med School at the start of the year, Will Keen aka Keeno has been working hard to put the finishing touches to his highly anticipated debut album that is set to drop at the end of June. We caught up with Will to find out everything about it…


Hi Keeno. How are things you? We hear you’ve been very busy…
Yo! Good thanks! Yes, been very busy indeed – good busy though. Moving house, writing music, travelling, gigs and studying for University Exams – all good fun (except maybe the last bit…).

Congratulations on your signing to Med School. How does it feel and how did the signing arise?
Thank you! It’s massively exciting to be involved with the Med School and Hospital family. The signing was a gradual process which started 2 years ago. London Elektricity and I were talking about my music for a while before he asked me to come down to HQ and have a chat about my music. With releases on Sick Music 3 and New Blood 013 in between, it gave me a bit of an insight to what it would be like but when I finally put pen to paper, I found myself having much more freedom as an artist. I knew that people liked what I was doing – something I was unsure about when I was still on my own. Now I get to do the fun bit: keep on writing what I love! 

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Royalston: OCD Studio equipment

April 3rd, 2014

Royalston has never been shy about expressing his love for studio equipment and on his debut album ‘OCD’, he was able to put a range of production and recording equipment to good use: from ‘reel to reel’ tape recorders to hardware synths, everything pictured below played an important part in the creation of his music and album artwork. To give fans a chance to understand a bit more about the process, Royalston has been uploading pictures to his Instagram with an explanation of exactly how these were used:

To view, simply head over to his instagram account.

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You can pick up a copy of Royalston’s debut album ‘OCD’ via the Hospital shop.

Follow us on Instragram.

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Lung’s influences playlist

March 25th, 2014

Ahead of our upcoming show at ‘The Colombian’ at Corsica Studios, we asked Lung to give us a run through of some of the music that’s influenced him over the years.

1. Olive – You’re Not Alone

One of the first “dance” tracks I ever heard when I was much younger. Probably in the car whilst it was getting airplay on the radio stations. I remember it being quite popular at the time, but it’s only with hindsight that I’m able to look back upon it and appreciate how much it stood apart from the rest of the utter shite in the Top 40 during the 90s. Something about that chord progression that moves me. It’s a beautiful, dark, yet uplifting piece of music.

Continue to read…

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Sprouted and Reformed: Interviews with Phace, Mefjus, Billain and Rawtekk

March 8th, 2014


BUY NOW >>> Hospital Shop / iTunes

We wanted to delve deeper and find out a bit more about the artists involved in the spectacular new Rawtekk remix EP “Sprouted and Reformed”, so we caught up with Phace, Mefjus, Billain and Rawtekk.

Q&A with Phace >>> Read here
Q&A with Mefjus >>> Read here
Q&A with Billain >>> Read here
Q&A with Rawtekk >>> Read here

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Brand new ‘Med School’ t-shirts now available

January 7th, 2014

Med School Doodle Black T-Shirt Med School Doodle White T-Shirt

AVAILABLE NOW >>> Black / White

We’ve just received stock of our brand new ‘Med School’ t-shirts, this time inspired by the hand drawn logo that features on the Royalston ‘OCD’ artwork.

Available now in black & white: grab yours via the Hospital Shop.

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