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The Minotaur musical journey kicked into gear in the 1980s as a graff artist and hip-hop vinyl collector. Pause-button ghetto blaster mix tapes featuring everything from acid house to rave anthems to the sounds of Detroit were the order of the day. The likes of Blapps Posse, Break The Limits, Shut Up And Dance, Reinforced Records, Frankie Bones, Lenny D, Tommy Musto, not to mention all the emerging new jungle sounds were big favourites.

Several jobs and an Honours degree in Graphics preceded the first Minotaur jungle productions, which came together with the help of a friend and some old equipment held together with gaffer tape. Influences from film, music, art, literature, comedy and local geology have inspired Minotaur, but he specifically cites the legendary John Peel and Suburban Knight’s ‘The Art of Stalking’ as hugely important.

After many years of trial-and-error music production and armed with a Windows 98 computer bearing a meagre 256Mb of RAM, Minotaur has been hard at work in his labyrinth evolving soundscapes and pushing the boundaries of his music. Proving that it’s not all about having a supercomputer with the latest plug-ins, he is turning heads with his unique bullish sound. Minotaur’s debut d&b track “Worlds Beyond” was released on Med School’s “New Blood” double pack in March 2008. More stubborn beats and monolithic sub bass arrived that summer in the shape of “Don’t Worry” and “Torn Between”, receiving support from Huw Stephens on BBC Radio among others. This isn’t music for the faint-hearted, you have been warned!

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