Med School @ Plan B, Brixton: Q+A with Barefoot

Barefoot-Promo-Shoot-SquareWe caught up with Barefoot ahead of his set for Med School at Plan B in Brixton on Friday 11th October 2013 alongside Etherwood, Lung and Joe Syntax. Earlybird £5 tickets available HERE.

Med School: For those of us who aren’t familiar with you, please can you tell us a little about yourself?
Barefoot: I’m a 19-year-old producer from Cornwall, now based in London. My style concentrates on the soulful, with a strong emphasis on harmony, rhythm, and musicality.

MS: Who and what are your biggest inspirations?
B: I take inspiration from everyone and everything: nature, the city, friends and family, music of all genres. Among the many artists that influence me are Cinematic Orchestra, Massive Attack, Félix Lajkó, Bonobo and James Blake.

MS: Is innovation important in creating your sound?
B: Innovation is the key. As I progress and evolve, I hope to develop a sound that is uniquely recognisable as Barefoot. I also intend to create and develop a live set before too long.

MS: Your last track on Med School, ‘Rising & Falling’ features a vocal performance from Rachel K. Collier. Do you prefer working with vocalists or by yourself in the studio?
B: Well this was the first time I’d collaborated with a vocalist, musician or producer. It all happened so fast really. I sent Rachel a track that I’d been working on, and within hours Rachel had recorded a rough idea, which became the basis for ‘Rising & Falling’. Her vocals took the original track to another level. Collaboration has always been something that interests me, and I hope to work with more vocalists, musicians and producers in the future.

MS: You’ve been compared to other electronic artists such as Submerse and Synkro (DJ mag) who have also had releases on Med School. Would you say this is an accurate comparison?
B: I think we evoke a similar vibe but we achieve it in a very different way. I love Submerse and Synkro and I have learnt a lot from their music, but I don’t want to emulate it because it is important to me to create my own sound.

MS: Your track ‘Murmurs’ has a very striking video. What was the concept behind it?
B: I’m lucky to have a friend called Matt Terry who’s a very innovative film-maker. Matt had been experimenting with a particular type of stop-motion technique and wanted to see if it fitted with my music. A small team of us set up the gear at a circle of ancient stones on the moor and worked through a wet February night from dusk to dawn in order to achieve this effect. Using hand-held lights at various locations, Matt synchronised ‘Murmurs’ with footage collected over several hours. I couldn’t have been happier with the result.

MS: You’ve had other releases on labels such as Absys and Flexout Audio. What have been the milestones or key moments in your career so far?
B: I guess the biggest milestone in my career so far would have to be signing and releasing my track ‘Murmurs’ on the ‘Blood Pressure’ compilation in 2012. It was a big step up from what I had been doing before. It made me think ‘Shit, this is serious!’ and it gave me an enormous confidence boost. It was great to receive that recognition from Med School and to get so many positive comments from the people who listened to ‘Murmurs’.

MS: Are there any future projects that you’re currently working on?
B: I have recently finished a remix of ‘Sker – The Tide’ to be released on Slime in September, and I have some other remixes on the go at the moment. I am also working on my first solo EP, which I’ll be releasing more info on in the coming months.

MS: What’s your favourite Med School track?
B: ‘Spherique – Snowflakes Catcher’ – without a doubt.

MS: What can we expect from a Barefoot set at the Med School night at Plan B on the 11th October?
B: I’ll be putting together a diverse collection of tracks around the 130bpm and 140bpm area, both old and new. A mixture of the soulful and melodic, the deep and the heavy and keep an ear out for a few new tracks from me!

Barefoot plays for Med School at Plan B in Brixton on Friday 11th October 2013 alongside Etherwood, Lung and Joe Syntax.
Earlybird tickets are just £5 >>> HERE.

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