iTunes Label Spotlight

September 16th, 2014

itunes label spotlightiTunes Label Spotlight
In time with the release of “New Blood 014″, we are delighted to announce our iTunes Label Spotlight. Twelve albums from our back catalogue are reduced to just £4.99 for a period of two weeks. Head to iTunes now!

iTunes Label Spotlight

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“New Blood 014″ Introducing: Semi Sense

September 15th, 2014


Semi SenseFor people that may not be aware of you… Give us a little introduction of yourself. 
Hello! First of all thank you for contacting me and for doing all these great things! My name is Nikolai, I am from Vilnius, Lithuania. I’m an IT professional, specializing in Business Intelligence and databases. Regarding my involvements in music, I’m concentrating on producing at the moment, and not so active with DJing (although I appeared more or less actively at various Vilnius clubs some years ago). Also from time to time I’m helping my longtime friend Emery with Ambra Recordings label.

How did you get into music? And how did get into production?
There were many recordings at home when I was a child, and as long as I can remember I listened to them a lot. It was mostly rock and hard rock, and a bit of soul and disco music. At the age of 8 I started to attend musical school, piano class. As a teenager I went from hard rock to progressive, psychedelic and art-rock and then to jazz, classic and modern music. Probably about that time I’ve heard The Prodigy tracks. Since then I started thinking about producing. A little bit later Emery introduced me to jungle tunes and early drum’n’bass. I still remember when we were listening to chopped amen break on Lemon D ‘This is Los Angeles’ again and again and it was something unbelievable production wise for us at that time. Tunes like  Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’, Adam F ‘Circles’ and LTJ Bukem’s ‘Horizons’ just made sure what kind of music I should be into. But now, despite my love for drum’n’bass, I can say for sure that it’s not a matter of style. Music could be of any style for me but it should be as interesting and beautiful as possible.

Regarding production it was long and winding road. To make long story short, I started to produce quite long time ago, but it always was just a hobby, and often not even primary one. I even did several complete breaks from producing for year or two… And probably in the year 2011 I thought perhaps I should take up production more seriuosly and started to move that direction. So, maybe for 4 or 5 months production is my main spare time activity. Continue reading…

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Various Artists – “New Blood 014″ OUT NOW!

September 15th, 2014

New Blood 014


The boundary-pushing ‘New Blood’ series returns in 2014 boasting another diverse tracklist, incorporating a healthy dose of drum+bass with a spattering of half-time, down-tempo and experimental rhythms.

‘New Blood 014′ is the latest instalment of fresh cuts from a new generation of Med School undergraduates and undiscovered stars of the future. Graduates from previous editions include Etherwood, Royalston, Keeno, Anile, Lung, Rawtekk and Joe Syntax, all of whom now permanently and exclusively reside on the label. Who from the class of 2014 will make the grade?

Months of extensive talent-scouting and listening to countless demos has resulted in an expansive and genre-crossing collection of sounds that will impress drum+bass specialists across the board.

Read Q+As with the artists… HERE.
Grab some Med School discounts on the Hospital Shop… HERE.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Bop “The Backbone Flute”

September 14th, 2014


You can download “The Backbone Flute”, taken from Bop’s third album “Punk’s Not Dead”, for FREE! Head over to Thump, the electronic music & culture channel from Vice, to read their review and download the track…

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“New Blood 014″ Introducing: AshJerona

September 12th, 2014


AshJeronaGive us a little introduction of yourself.
My name’s Ashley Arnold, a producer/drummer from South London, I used to run a label called Jerona Fruits and produce alongside my brother as The Burbs, I’ve been playing in bands and making music for over 10 years and am about to release my band ‘All The People’s first single later in the year. Gig highlights include, Reading dance tent, Glastonbury roots stage, The old Tempo Tantrum nights we used to put on, and Hosting the BBC radio 1/1xtra drum & bass show 3 times.

How did you get into music? And how did get into production?
I got into music by listening to my mum and dad play growing up, they were in a band called Formula 4 and played alongside bands like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd in the 70’s, I got into production after first hearing Exocet, Something out there (twisted anger remix) Opaque by Aquasky anything Omni Trio, Platinum breaks, Modus operandi and was blown away where these sounds were coming from. Continue reading…

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